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10-Wheel 4000 Gal Water Truck
About Us

M & J Construction, Inc. started in 1986 with one backhoe and a 10-wheel dump truck.  Over the next decade the company expanded, acquiring more excavating equipment and trucks to keep pace with a growing customer base.  The general contracting services we provide are always in demand and our customers expect a quality product.  

Our construction services include: Site excavation & grading, asphalt patch and paving, structure demolition, concrete and asphalt sawcutting, breakup and removal, dig footings and any project involving earth moving or excavation.  We are licensed to dig basements, excavating for commercial building and custom home pads.   M & J also specializes in ramming and driving posts for ground-mounted solar arrays for Corporate, Government, and Utility solar farms.

Today the company owns and operates a large well maintained fleet of machinery, trucks and equipment. Our inventory consists of several semi-tractors with end dump trailers, a belly dump trailer, 10-wheel dump trucks, 4000 gal water trucks, trackhoe w/hammer & pile driver, backhoes w/hammers, wheeled front loaders, earthmovers, motorgraders/blades and skidsteers.  We have our own mechanics and fleet service trucks to maintain our inventory of machinery and trucks.  All our equipment is ready and available for hire.  

M & J Construction, Inc. "Professional, Dedicated, Reliable" we get the job done!


Matt Meade, Owner & Operator

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